"This book is awesome!" - Faith, 11


"Kung Fu Kellie is one of my favorite books ever! I totally recommend to people who like adventure and mystery. I can't wait for the next book to come out!! :)" - Colleen, 11


List made by Kara, 9, on what she liked about Kung Fu Kellie:

  1. Mystical animals
  2. Kellie believing in herself
  3. Bravery of Monks shown while protecting Kellie, especially Shifu Lau
  4. Jory finds his inner self

"Every chapter was entertaining and I was eager to continue to read more...I would definitely recommend this book to my friends and I think they will enjoy just as much as I did." - Allyson, 13



"Kung Fu Kellie is a fantastic book. I especially enjoyed the action when Kellie fought using kung fu. And I liked learning about the mystical animals in Chinese martial arts. This is a great book for anyone wanting an action packed adventure!" - Emily, 10